Tax Preparation

Why outsource from a major tax preparation company? I specialize in tax services and guarantee my work at a fraction of the cost of a bigger tax company. I understand the stress and worry when it comes to the yearly tax filings. You ask yourself… How did I do this year?  Did I pay enough to get a return? Why are taxes so difficult? I am here to tell you, your taxes do not have to be difficult. I am here to help you!

SMALL BUSINESS TAX PREP (Prices start from)

I can help you by:

  • Filing your small business taxes, every year.
  • Filing your business taxes for one year, explain the why’s, and train you to file your own.

Contact me to get a quote on your individual tax return.

Individual Tax Prep (Exclude business and retal income)
Single person  Contact us to get a quote
Couple  Contact us to get a quote
Couple with children  Contact us to get a quote
Child with incom tax  Contact us to get a quote
Self employed income tax (Expenses are already  computed in a file*)
Single person  Contact us to get a quote
Couple  Contact us to get a quote
  • *Applicable  fees if we have to add invoices together

Self-employed income tax with rental income
Accounting up to date  Contact us to get a quote
Accounting not up to date  Contact us to get a quote

Important documents

To make sure you do not forget anything, we provide you with the list of documents to provide to your accountant, as well as several downloadable forms adapted to your situation.


Important deadlines


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